Eichhorn’s Lady Remington

Black Lab puppy retrieving a bumper

Remi is a sweetheart and the daughter of a field trial legend.

She started out in a commercial kennel – bred and raised for having puppies. They took good care of her, but she was a kennel dog until her owners were ready to retire.

When I brought her home she didn’t know how to behave in the house, but she learned quickly. She only had one accident inside.

If she had to go outside, she learned to put her head on my lap (or on my laptop, if it was in the way).

Remi loves retrieving, but she was injured as a young dog in her kennel run. If she runs too much, she winds up sore and gimpy which is why she never earned any titles.

However in addition to being a sweetheart, she has a fabulous pedigree.


FC AFC Land Ahoy “Pirate” FC Fargo II 2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac
FC AFC CFC Candlewood’s MS MB Kate
FC Cuda shudabena Playgirl FC AFC CFC CAFC Barracuda Blue MH
Deschutes Black Caddis
Eichhorns Sunset Wheat “Sunny” FC Riparian Windfall FC AFC Blackwater Rudy MH
FC AFC Riparian Mariah
Eichhorn’s Brought By Storm SH FC AFC Hawkeye’s Candlewood Casey
Riverwalk’s Dakota Star

Extended pedigree

Daughter of a field trial legend

Her father was FC AFC Land Ahoy, or Pirate for short. Read on to learn why he qualifies as a legend.

Pirate was well-known and a very accomplished Labrador Retriever. He started out in the Derby stake and accumulated 32 points before he aged out at two years old. In his last five derbies, he won four and placed second in the fifth. He went on to win the first Open stake he ran.

He ran hard and was sidelined with occasional injuries. Despite the injuries, he finished both FC and AFC titles at age three.

Some of his other accomplishments include:

  • Finalist at the 2008 National Amateur trial
  • Finished nine series in both the 2009 National and 2009 National Amateur
  • High point Open Dog in 2009
  • Qualified for the 2010 National and 2010 National Amateur
  • Finalist at the 2010 National Amateur
  • Earned 154 All-Age Points

As a sire, he produced puppies that were described as having “… a great training attitude and really want[ed] to do it right… with a lot of drive, but they aren’t so crazy they can’t think.” Comments about Pirate on

Remi has continued Pirate’s bloodline. She’s the mother of several puppies, including our Lark.

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