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Black Labrador Retriever and the ducks he retrieved

Best lab we have ever had… Hunter and family member.

“Gordy” (Caffu x Jazzy)

Ranger is acclimating wonderfully! He absolutely worships Jackson! We had been gradually working on going down the stairs, adding one stair a day and were up to four. However, the other day we were headed to the park and Jackson was very excited and ran down the stairs. Ranger couldn’t possibly wait for Mom to carry him down and he slid on his belly down all 11 stairs!! Since then stairs are no problem!!

“Ranger” (Caffu x Jazzy)

Labrador Retirever best friends

She’s thrilled with him! Took him 2 days to figure out how to stay out of the way of the wheelchair wheels, but other than that he’s catching on quickly

“Boomer” (Icon x Lily)

Can I tell you how much we LOVE our little girl!! You have done excellent work with her. She slept through the night the very first night she came home, not a moment of trouble. (Amazing) She loves to follow her new big sister “Sophia” every where she goes. We took her to the vet on the Friday after we picked her up. Of course, she said that Tazzie is perfect, she weighed exactly 18lbs.

“Tazzie” (Axel x Cat)

Black Labrador puppy and her yellow Lab friend
Black Lab loves retrieving ducks for his owner

I thought I would update you on how Quadrunner (Buddy) was doing. The short answer is that he has developed into a great duck hunting dog. This last season he retrieved 65 out of 66 birds that my hunting buddies and I shot. The one bird he did not find flew about 1/2 mile before it went down and I was not sure within 200 or 300 yards where it went down. He has learned to use his nose and work downwind of a bird that goes down in heavy cover until he picks up the scent.

I have learned that if I see his head go up for me to shut up and get ready for some shooting action. If I try to pet him on the head, he will pull away and essentially say, “Get your hand out of my eyes, I’m working here.”

“Buddy” (Axel x Cat)

We were lucky enough to be referred to Justamere after a friend told me about how wonderful their lab was. Our chocolate lab is amazing, and we would highly recommend you look no further if you are looking for a high quality breeder and amazing dogs!

“Lucy” (Pedro x Lily)

Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy
Chocolate Labrador Retriever summits on a 14er in Colorado

Breaker made it to the summit of Mt Elbert, a mountain over 14,000 feet tall in Colorado

“Breaker” (Patrick x Cotti)

He is absolutely a wonderful dog. Curious, intelligent and, oh so connected to our whole family. We just love him so much. We could not ask for anything better in a dog. Can you tell we love him?

“Kane” Pedro x Lily

Portrait of a chocolate Lab
Handsome black Labrador

Your dogs are so beautiful and we just love Logan.

“Logan” (Icon x Lily)

Breaker passed two Started hunt tests in Cheyenne to finish his SHR title

“Breaker” (Patrick x Cotti)

Chocolate Lab finishes he Started Hunter (SHR) title
Black Lab puppy chewing on a toy

Sweet face…

“Bodie” (Patrick x Cotti)

He is so loved, and so handsomely beautiful. Extremely athletic, and of course, blessed with an over abundance of energy. He is such an amazing addition to our family and we are very lucky to have his love. Eddie has a great deal to keep him busy. Between playing fetch the frisbee, walking his brother Frodo, daily trips to his favorite lake, and weekly visits to puppy training he manages to burn off some of that energy. We wanted to say thank you, and plan on checking back with you sometime to see if we can’t bring another beautiful pup into our home. Again, we thank you so much and will check in as frequently as possible.

“Eddie” (Tory x Cat)

Black Lab playing with a friend
Black Labrador Retriever wins 2 blue ribbons in Rally competition

Jackson got his 6th, 7th and 8th RAE legs last weekend in Greeley! I’m so proud of my little boy! All of his scores were in the 90’s and he even placed 3rd in Excellent the first day. He was just exhausted last night! I was too!

“Jackson” (Chuck x Arwen)

It’s MY toy…

“Gunner” (Patrick x Cotti)

Chocolate Lab puppy snuggles his toy
Chocolate Labrador puppy

I can’t believe that it has only been three months since we picked her up from your house, it feels like she has been a part of our family for much longer than that! Cat is doing wonderfully with her bumpers she is very good at retrieving. We have been trying to expose her to water and have taken her swimming/retrieving bumpers a couple of times. She truly is a joy! Thank you again!

“Cat Knipp” (Patrick x Cotti)

Kody is doing well and hunted upland most of last season. He’s turning into an accomplished bird machine and loves to retrieve. I’ve started him in water this spring and he really loves it. In fact it is difficult to get him to leave the water at times. His personality reminds me a lot of Chip.

“Kody” (Chip x Cotti)

Black Lab puppy snuggles into the laundry

I’ll send more pictures as Sage grows…she’s a JOY and a bundle of fun!! We absolutely love her – thank you so much.

“Sage” (Tory x Cat)

Wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that Diesel is doing great! In fact as I write this message, he is sitting in my lap at the computer in my home office. 🙂 I guess this is why we end up with a 90lb lap dog who is very spoiled…. Out of the four nights so far he has slept thru two of them! He even is getting the potty thing down and has had minimal accidents in the house. We just love him to death. Thank you so much for everything.

“Diesel” (Tory x Cat)

Black Labrador Retriever puppy
Chocolate Labrador Retriever in a Santa hat

I just thought you should know that Breaker was first place at his puppy kindergarden graduation at Blue Springs and Katydid.

“Breaker” (Patrick x Cotti)

Jackson is doing great. He’s in level 3 obedience now. At the same time I’ve been working with Brenna (who’s pretty rusty) to hopefully get them both on the same page. I just can’t comprehend how you work with so many at the same time and they’re all so accomplished!!

“Jackson” (Chuck x Arwen)

Black Lab puppy with his buddy, Max
Black Labrador puppy enjoys a nap in the grass

Nikki and I would like to thank you again for making our first (of hopefully many) puppy adoptions a wonderful experience. And although Toby has completely worn both of us out, he’s been a pleasure to have in the house.

“Toby” (Tory x Cat)

Just wanted to send a couple of pics of Cruiser and let you know how in love with him we are! He’s been the best dog and we couldn’t be happier!

“Cruiser” (Chip x Cotti)

Chocolate Labrador puppy on the beach
Labrador Retriever puppy in the grass

First of all, he is a beautiful dog. He has great features, a great physique, is healthy and has the shiniest black coat. Secondly, he is so incredibly smart! We have trained him to sit, stay (even with a treat right under his nose), give paws (he knows the difference between left and right), and lie down. It is unbelievable how much he has learned at 9 months. He is also a very social dog. He loves other dogs and people. Our boys (7 and 3) enjoy him immensely and play with him all the time. All in all, we are just thrilled that we found you and your dogs.

“Moses” (Chip x Cotti)

Madison is doing just fine. She is of course quite spoiled given who the owner is, but she is also very smart learning to use the dog door by the time I arrived on Saturday.

“Madison” (Patrick x Cotti)

Chocolate Labrador puppy sleeps on her owners shoes
Chocolate Lab puppy hangs out with her big brother

Her name is Cat Knipp. She is so sweet! We really can’t thank you enough, you were absolutely right on with her personality, she is full of it! We just adore her.

“Cat Knipp” (Patrick x Cotti)

She’s settling in nicely and hopefully getting used to our schedule. Maizie is slowly getting used to her, but we can already tell that Ruby loves Maizie. She seems to have taken a liking to Maizie’s tail….and of course her tail as well. 🙂 We were thrilled last night when they really started playing together. We’ll be sure to send you pictures soon! Thanks for everything!

“Ruby” (Tory x Cat)

Black Labrador in a pile of leaves
Labrador Retriever puppy in chocolate

He is so cute! He loves to just sit outside!

“Breaker” (Patrick x Cotti)

Just a quick line to let you know Kody is doing well. He’s twice the size he was when we brought him home. He’s good at retrieving.

“Kody” (Chip x Cotti)

Labrador puppy thinking about all the birds he will retrieve
Chocolate Labs - a senior and a puppy

Just wanted to send you an update on Cruiser! He’s doing SO well. We are incredibly happy with him! He and Saul are in love and play almost all day long, with naps in between.

“Cruiser” (Chip x Cotti)

Our chocolate lab Bear has been a great joy to our family and has turned out to be incredibly smart.

“Bear” (Drake x Arwen)

Two girls with their favorite chocolate Lab puppy

Thanks again for every thing she is so beautiful, soft and loves to play.

“Belle” (Chip x Cotti)

Tar’s training has mostly been upland birds to this point…. he is doing very well pointing, retrieving and has retained his force-fetch. He responds well to the sit whistle, the here whistle and quartering. He is getting tons of birds.

He is presently being trained to be steady to wing and shot. … The trainer is very pleased with his progress and had forgotten that he is not yet 2 years old.

“Tar” (Drake x Arwen)

Black Labrador Retriever jumps for joy
Black Labrador puppy with his new buddy

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that our puppy is doing great. He is so sweet and very social. He has had a few accidents in the house but nothing out of the ordinary. He is very happy to have a new big dog friend Simon (even though Simon could care less at this point) and wants to be with us constantly. He slept in his kennel last night (with me in the room) and was very quiet. He is eating great and is going to the bathroom regularly. He is adjusting well to his new house and loves the grass. We are so happy that he is now a part of our family. Thank you.

“Moses” (Chip x Cotti)

Tar & Molly are off at camp….. all in preparation for birds this fall! We went out to see them last Saturday, took them swimming and then for a walk. Tar sat on a single whistle at a distance of about 50 yards. He’s a happy boy!

“Tar” (Drake x Arwen)

A yellow and a black Lab ready for training
Beautiful chocolate Labrador Retriever

Just thought I’d send along another photo of Izzy. She’s nearly completed her first Flyball class (6 wks.) and the instructor said Izzy is nearly ready to compete….already. I think we finally found her niche and oh boy does she love it. We can be in an area with 6 or 7 other dogs and she doesn’t even know they’re there…she just sees the box and the ball! Sarah’s husband said Izzy’s middle name should be “Focus” ’cause she does it so well!! 😉 How fun is that!! Anyway, it seems like the perfect “game” for Izzy…’s fast, repetitive, and all about her favorite thing in the world. Doesn’t get much better than that.

“Izzy” (Drake x Arwen)

Pups are doing great! They have brought such joy to our house! We have been home all weekend – left them alone last night for an hour or so to go to dinner. They did great. Thought you might enjoy some pics – I will send more. Take care.

“Gunner” & “Remi” (Chuck x Arwen)

A pair of chocolate Lab puppies
New hunt test title for a black Labrador Retriever

Just wanted to let you know that Major received his JH title this year. He did exceptionally well and was very impressive. We are excited to move on to the next level and start on his Senior title.

“Major” (Bandit x Raven)

Gunner and Remi are doing great! We take at least one if not two walks each day around our cul-de-sac…. They are doing good on the leashes. They have learned to sit and almost to stay – depending on what other fun things are around to do. Just wanted to give you an update and thank you for bringing such joy to our home.

“Gunner” & “Remi” (Chuck x Arwen)

Lab puppies find a comfortable spot to relax

Jackson’s doing very well! He dug a nest in my mom’s flower planter yesterday and took a nap!! Potty training’s going well- I give him two more weeks before he’s got it tackled (for the most part!)! He readily goes in his kennel now (I got a bigger one) and hasn’t woken up in the middle of the night for at least a week now. We’re slowly working on simple commands but he certainly knows “Come Jack”!!

“Jackson” (Chuck x Arwen)

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