Black Lab standing in the snow
Lab nursing her black and chocolate puppies

Black Labrador Retriever female (Bc)

Health certifications:

OFA Good (hips)
OFA Normal (elbows)
CERF (eyes)

CNM Clear (muscle myopathy)
EIC Clear (exercise induced collapse)
prcd-PRA Clear (eyes)
RD/OSD Clear


Intl CH Avalon’s Give Me Liberty
WR Sweettrees Patriot JH, WC
Int’l/Belgium CH Kampsall Kampo
Sweettrees Make My Day
CH Avalon’s She Bears RepeatingCH Avalon’s Hell Raider
CH Avalon’s Love My Bear
Justamere Catalyst RA CGC CC
Am Mex CH GMHR Cook’s Midnight Bandit MH”Bandit”Am Mex CH JanWood’s Secret Agent CD WC
CH Alvgarden Mischiefmaker of JanRod JH WC
Clubmead’s Dark Crystal JH
FC AFC CFC CAFC DB’s Cracker of Club Mead
Floodbay’s Caramel Crystal WCX

Patrick was in the area for a dog show when Cat was ready the first breeding. What luck! We met with his owners just off the interstate on their way home and got the deed done. They were to ship semen from Texas for a second breeding.

Alas, their van broke down about half way home. Being it was a Sunday night they couldn’t get it fixed straight away. By the time they got home and were able to ship semen it was too late to breed a second time.

A single breeding, timed right, is enough. However it was a bit too early and there was only one puppy showing on the x-ray. Although I’ve had singleton litters, the vet felt it would be safer to do an elective c-section. An experienced breeder friend and I scrubbed in to assist and Cat woke to find a hungry, little daughter.

Baby Belle had her mom all to herself and plenty of toys. Perhaps she was spoiled. Just a bit.

Lab puppy looking out of the whelping box

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