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  • Genetic testing for problems in our Lab's genetics is important before breeding

    Most dogs aren’t normal?

    I read an interesting article this morning. Are breeders blind? Or are we operating under a misconception? The article concludes that the majority of dogs are not
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  • Black and chocolate AKC Lab puppies

    I Love My Little Puppy

      I love my little puppy; she makes my house a home. She is my very sweetest little friend; I never feel alone. She makes me smile; she makes me laugh; she fills my
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  • Hunt test ribbons proudly displayed on the dashboard for the ride home

    Fun At An HRC Hunt Test

    We had a great weekend - despite the heat and wind near Boone, CO. Arwen passed a tough Finished test, Tory passed his 3rd Seasoned test, and Jazzy got to run two Started
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  • Chip on his 15th Birthday

    Animal Communicators (Are They For Real?)

    I had an interesting experience a couple of years ago. I was at a dog show and noticed a booth for an animal communicator. I pooh-poohed it at first, but then thought 'what
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  • syringe-417786_640

    Dog Vaccine Dangers

    I used to be a vet tech and blithely gave vaccines to all my animals. DHLPP for dogs, seven-way for horses, FeLP for cats. The veterinarians said they would keep my animals
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  • Shed of Arden and Shamrock Acres Light Brigade

    English, American, Field, Show – Different, But Still Labs

    (Updated Apr 4, 2020) English Labs, American, field-type, show dog - how can there be so many different styles of dogs and all be considered Labradors? My guess is that the
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  • Chocolate Labrador retrieving a bumper while field training

    Basic (Field) Training – Think Retriever, Not Army

    I'm trying to work with Breaker a little each day though it's tough to do all this with just the knowledge I've gotten from Joe, Brian and yourself. I'm trying as best I can!
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  • Chocolate Labrador retrieving a duck to pass an AKC hunt test

    Chip Earns 12th Title!

    Although a little belated, I want to give Chip a pat on the head via the Internet for completing 12 titles - obedience, rally, tracking and field. He's also working on some
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